The Restaurant

Underground Vegetable Cuisine

/Bonus/, a Latin word that means “virtuous”, “honest”. In its more contemporary meaning, it also means “pleasant to the senses”, “high quality”. Antonio Chiodi Latini cuisine is impossible to be labelled, but it tastes good. It is good because it shows to be virtuous in respecting the vegetable world and those that take care of it: farmers. It is good because it enhances the raw materials of the season, behaving honestly towards Nature. It is good because of its high quality and because it mixes flavours and ingredients from near and far territories. It is good because it is good for us and our planet. Finally, it is good because it searches above all taste.

Antonio Chiodi Latini’s Restaurant is in via Bertola 20/B, framed by the beauties of the most elegant Turin. It is an intimate and refined place, what you need to be immersed in an experience that is both inclusive because addressed to everybody, and exclusive because to fully understand it, you need to be able to hear, to be curious, to love Earth, yourself, and your wellbeing.